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Hay fever treatment in Birmingham city centre clinic. Hay fever is a common allergic condition in the UK. It effects up to one in five at some point in their life. Usually peak season is summer and autumn. Our unique treatment use Transitional  Chinese Medication Methodology and company with Western Medication, such as hay fever tablets. You may browser our patients’ testimonies rather than advertisement on internet. We hope we could help more people who is suffering with it. 

Hay fever treatment in our clinic


Hay fever treatment for itching and watery eyes

  • During hay fever attacking season like summer or autumn,  itching and watering eye is the most common symptom. itching and watering eye make victims daily activity are very difficulty. it not only suffer from eye redness, swollen and intolerable itching, but also feel embarrassed in the public occasion. Using my unique and individual tailored manipulation of acupuncture treat it. Result of acupuncture is great. my patient after acupuncture, said” she feel her eye clear and cool down right away”.

Hay fever treatment for sneezing and running nose, allergic rhinitis

  • Sneezing and running nose are inflammation of the inside nose those are another two main symptoms of hay fever. You can imagine that if you can’t properly breath in any time and how painful it is. in traditional Chinese medicine, there is some blockage in your lung meridian. using my unique  acupuncture to remove blockage, soon you can breath freely. my patient told” i couldn’t believe, how quick the result is”

Chinese herbal remedy treatment for hay fever relief

  • Herbal remedy is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and treasure of China. Herbal remedy also has been playing a very important role in developing Chinese Medicine. It can treat from root of disease and it is also tailor made. using it to cure hay fever through cool down heat and remove blockage, dispersing heat wind and recover normal body function.
Hay fever symptoms Runny or blocked nose Itchy, red or watery eyes itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears

Hay fever symptoms Runny or blocked nose Itchy, red or watery eyes itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears

Hay fever symptoms

  • Frequent sneezing.
  • Runny or blocked nose.
  • Itchy, red or watery eyes (allergic conjunctivitis)
  • An itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears.
  • A cough, caused by postnasal drip (mucus dripping down the throat from the back of the nose)

Preventing hay fever symptoms

You can reduce hay fever symptoms by:

  • Keeping doors and windows closed.
  • Wearing wraparound sunglasses to stop pollen getting into your eyes.
  • Changing your clothes after spending time outside.
  • Drying your clothes inside the room.
  • Dusting and hoovering your home regularly.
  • Exercise (indoors) and eat a healthy diet.
  • Avoiding smoking, either personally or around others.
  • Taking an over-the-counter medication.

Above methods just reduce the chance of contact with pollen physically, which cannot physically cured hay fever.

Summery of our treatment

Tailor made, soon work and less side effect. It is real natural remedy. Our final purpose of treatment are rousing up your immune system normal function rather than relying on medication or reducing and preventing hay fever symptoms.



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Hay Fever Treatment Review

About Hay Fever Treatment Review of our clinic, if you had a treatment or any experience with us. Please kindly leave your feedback for us. You also can help other people who are suffering in the same situation from your experience.

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