Testimony of Liver cancer has been healed by Chinese Herbal Medicine in Someway


Healed liver cancer teatment

Healed liver cancer patient

Good morning Miss Sasha, you have treatment in our clinic about 8 months now. Beginning this year, you came to my clinic to ask for help. Because you have been diagnosed liver cancer. Could you tell public about your experience of using Chinese herbal medicine to help your cancer?

Miss Sasha:
Yeah,hello everyone my name is Sasha, I came to the clinic in January. I was very ill, weak also lost weight, hair was falling out, I reached the bottom when I came to see Dr Suya. I was back to for help as Chinese medicine well knew to help treat cancer. I wanted to give it try, as I lost the option. I started the tea. The beginning I started changing, I weighed again that my weight back, my energy level increased. I started to eat again, my pain level decreased. I was happier. I can see the result. Even Dr said to me to continue to take it. Because they can see the result, as I was expected to lose a lot of weight. I was very ill by now without Chinese herbal tea I don’t think,.I wouldn’t be here right now. Because they helped me in every aspect. I believe it , believe it will cure me. I hope by of this yea, there will be a great result. Because I can see by now I gained 4kgs it is quite a lot for one having liver cancer. So I am quite happy. I don’t think I could do now without Chinese herbal tea.

Ok, but you just told me, because during the treatment you have nearly 2 months gap is right?

Miss Sasha

First, you took holiday, then you went to Bosnia for charity you were great

Miss Sasha:

I took almost 2 months break. When I return back, I was completely ill again, I lost my weight, I couldn’t eat, ……I could see that different thing between taking the tea and not taking the tea. It was huge, huge different …….
I wouldn’t do it again and I will not disappear for a month. If I do, I will make sure, take my tea with me, because there is hugely different between taking it and not taking it. Then I lost my 4 kg at that time ……

Yuan: you just told me that you recently started very basic very gentle chemotherapy, so how about that?

Miss Sasha:

If I should be honest, I am not happy with chemotherapy. I don’t like it. It totally opposite from Chinese herbal tea dose. It makes me weak up. I think that comparing 2 last year, now I think Chinese herbal tea keeping my energy level still high up and my pain level down, I am still eating, I am not weak as I was expected to be. I am considering whether to stop chemotherapy or discontinue it because I think that is not good, I don’t feel that give any result compare to the herbal tea.

It is really I hope your testimony can help the public, just tell them there is still a hope for help cancer. So don’t be worry about that.

Miss Sasha:

Yeah, there is definitely. Because when I came here I have no hope and they give me hope.

So If does I have any condition, I would say, because I used it for hair loss, used it for weight loss, used it for everything and It has improved my life. So it is not just for cancer, it is for everything. I would recommend it.

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