Infertility (unpregnancy) IVF Treatment

Infertility treatment is the one of most difficult Medical issue in the word.  Diagnosis of infertility is establishment. If you don’t get pregnant after one year living with your partner without contraceptive. Infertility usually divide into two type, primary and secondary infertility. It impact at least about 10-15% childbearing age couple.

Infertility Causes

Infertility in Women unpregnancy Treatment

Infertility in Women unpregnancy Treatment

Infertility in WOMEN

Mainly in cause of infertility in women as following.

  • Ovulation disorder.
  • Abnormal sperm.
  • Fallopian tube abnormalities.
  • Endometriosis.
  • And other such as immunological infertility.
  • Also factors in cervical like cervical stenosis etc.

Infertility in men unpregnancy Treatment

Infertility in men unpregnancy Treatment

Infertility in MEN

The most common cause of infertility in male as follows.

  • First of all,congenital genital abnormalities.
  • Secondly, abnormal endocrine.
  • Thirdly, sexual dysfunction, immune factors as well as unexplained infertility.
  • In addition, Living conditions getting worse, air pollution, unhealthy food, etc,. Those factors daily impact human being fertility, reference with infertility NHS.

Infertility in both MEN AND WOMEN

  • Furthermore, Deficiencies in kidney energy and blood stasis, stagnation of liver Qi, conditions of the spleen,  dampness heat and deficiency-heat with internal interference would effect in both men and women.

Infertility treatment in our clinic in Birmingham City centre

  • First of all, it is for the last 25 year acupuncture has been accepted and approved by Western medicine. As assisting and complementing fertility programs, such as IVF. BBC program and news paper have reported that how acupuncture help IVF to get successful result.  In our clinic we have a number of  successful cases. In addition acupuncture can cure infertility related conditions.
  • Secondly, Chinese herbal remedy also play very important role in treatment. Through differentiation of Traditional Chinese Medicine get tailor made herbal formula, which can balance your body. It mean herbal remedy can nourish deficiency and reduce exceeding parts.
  •  Lastly, Traditional Chinese Medicine is promulgated on the principle of an individual treatment plan. It is with the anticipation of 3 – 6 months treatment for optimum efficacy.Finally bring your health to meet conceive condition.

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